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September 2, 2005

Thoughts and prayers

Written by
cindy mcleod

As we watch in horror the devastation Katrina has left in her wake, our hearts go out to the City of New Orleans and the many communities in Alabama and Mississippi that are struggling to survive the ravages of mother nature. We send prayers that you find relief and the safety and comfort you need in the next hours, and may the next months of rebuilding your treasured communities come quickly.

There are many reports of shooting, looting, rape and violence, perpetuated by desperate souls left homeless and hungry, hampering rescue efforts and increasing the danger for innocents. Yet there are many thousands more who pull together, reaching out to help one another, standing by their fellow sufferers and pitching in with relief efforts.

The international community is coming to your aid, and we here in Canada are sending help your way, with supplies, emergency workers, military and police officers, and medication to prevent the spread of disease. We have pledged our help to you in any way we can, dear neighbour, now and in the future as your reclaim your lives from the devastation. You are not alone.

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