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October 29, 2005

Public Radio Gets a Boost From Albertans

Written by
cindy mcleod

With oil prices soaring, Albertans have more expendable cash in their pockets. Known for their generous spirits, the fine people of this province have readily handed over their newfound dollars to their favourite public radio stations, demonstrating their support and love for the non-commercial radio format by donating to the ongoing fundraising campaigns public radio stations in the province launch bi-annually.

CKUA, the province-wide broadcaster that has been around for nearly eighty years, is a favourite of the people with its wide range of musical offerings and regular airplay of local music. This station provides music for every taste imaginable and more, and each programmer is not only an expert in their given time slot, but also have broad and expansive knowledge of many music genres. The station nearly disappeared a decade ago due to poor management and a withdrawal of government funding, but with an outpouring of support that continues to this day they are strong and healthy, and continue to inspire and educate Albertans and others throughout the world through their online broadcasts. To listen and donate visit www.ckua.org

CJSW and CJSR, community radio stations broadcasting from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta respectively, are running simultaneous funding drives. The two stations broadcast an eclectic and dynamic range of music, and have a wide listening audience that is more youth oriented. They both showcase local and regional talent along with the wide range of global music and artistry. To listen or contribute to these vital community stations, visit www.cjsw.com (University of Calgary) and www.cjsr.ualberta.ca (University of Alberta).

Keep Public Radio Alive! Make your donation today!

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