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November 2, 2005

Memorial for James Taylor of the Twisters

Written by
cindy mcleod

Hi Folks,

The outpouring of empathy and concern from everywhere has been overwhelming. We remaining Twisters and Carla and Rebecca Taylor wish to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

As of now we don’t have a special bank account or trust fund, but that may change soon. We are still very traumatized, as you can well imagine, so for now any donations to James’ widow and one-year old daughter can be made via cheque made out to Carla Taylor. The Twisters also have a savings account at the TD Bank, so a cheque to The Twisters is acceptable also. Please send all donations to my address:

212-2150 Brunswick St.
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3L5

Carla will need daycare, as James was Daddy Daycare when we weren’t on the road.

Matt Pease, our drummer, worked one day a week taking care of mentally challenged adults in a group home. The rest of his income comes from music. Brandon Isaak’s income is 100% music.Matt will have a long recovery, but he will be O.K.We’re waiting to see if his kidney will have to be removed. He’s currently in the Critical Care unit at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC. Brandon started convulsing yesterday (possibly Post Traumatic Stress), and was in emergency all yesterday. I spoke w/ him last night and today and he seems to be sore and drained, but OK.

I’m pecking at this keyboard w/ my left hand, and I’m running around like a headless chicken, but I’m OK. Our ex-bandmate and dear friend, Sandy Smith has organized a wake to be held at the (see below):

Wise Hall
Adanac St.
Sunday, Nov. 5
2:00 PM- closing

Sandy has been invaluable in helping us keep it together, helping us pick up our equipment, etc. Special thanks to everyone who has organized benefits and donations, etc. It is incredible how our NATIONAL blues community pulls together in times of crisis. I’m in awe and so thankful. I will personally answer all of your kind e-mails when I get the chance, but my wife wants me to go for a walk and I’ve got to get my hand re-X-rayed.

Love all of you,

Dave Hoerl

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  1. Comment from David French on November 3rd, 2005 :

    Hello, Dave. This is David French, son of Bob and Sara French of Denman Island. I’m sorry for what happened, and I’m sorry for what you are now going through. There is a group of musicians in Toronto who want to help: We are holding a benefit to raise money for Carla and Rebecca. It will be:

    Monday/November 28th,
    5:00-9:00 PM,
    the Tranzac Club
    292 Brunswick Ave.

    Several good musicians offered to play (most of them knew James), so we’ve got a fine band. I’ve been calling around trying to find out who the Twisters were connected with in Toronto to make sure they know about the event and can come support it. Let me know if there is anyone you’d like for me to contact. I will send you the proceeds from the event on November 29th.

    James and I were friends since I was a teenager. It is difficult to understand that he is gone. Despite the damage that you and the group have sustained I’m grateful that James’ friends and bandmates did not have to share his path.

    Please don’t feel a need to respond to this until after you’ve taken whatever time is necessary to improve your health and well being.

    With care,

    David French.

  2. Comment from Larry on December 13th, 2005 :

    Hi Sorry for being ignorant. I was at Blue on Whyte in Edmonton back in October when one of the MC’s announced that James Taylor of the Twisters was killed in an accident. Evidently they were scheduled to play at Blues on Whyte in the next couple days. Is this the same James Taylor that recorded many records, like Brown Eyed Girl, Just call My name and so on? Please let me know, can there be 2 James Taylors?? Thanks for your help


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