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November 9, 2005

Dr. John Releases New EP in Honour of New Orleans

Written by
cindy mcleod

Dr. John, legendary New Orleans pianist/composer, has recorded a new EP release of seven tracks dedicated to Crescent City. The recording, titled Sippiana Hericane, will be released on Blue Note Records on November 22, 2005, and all proceeds from sales will be divided equally between the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, the Jazz Foundation of America and the Voice of the Wetlands.

The EP’s showcases the newly-composed four-part suite Wade: Hurricane Suite, and ends with Clean Water, a song composed by fellow New Orleans songwriter Bobby Charles. A version of Dr. John’s Sweet Home New Orleans appears with new lyrics penned by his wife and songwriting partner Cat Yellen.

The following is a statement from Dr. John on the devastation of his hometown of New Orleans:

“I love New Orleans. I love the people, its food, its culture, the music and the lifestyle. New Orleans is the best of everything. I’m saddened and angered by what has happened. If anybody in the government would’ve done something about the disappearing wetlands for the past fifty years, then this probably wouldn’t have been as bad. The federal, state and local governments have known for a long time that certain things needed to be done to protect New Orleans. The levees should’ve been able to deal with this assault. Now a high price will be paid for neglecting the needs of the city and its people. It makes me think of what my friend Reverend Goat just told me, “Let me say this before it goes any further. New Orleans didn’t die of natural causes, she was murdered.” Everyone should donate what they can to the relief effort.”

Sippiana = Mississippi + Louisiana: where the two states meet
Hericane is spelled this way because Katrina is a female’s name.

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