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November 15, 2005

Canadian Musicians Protest TV Ontario Cut of Valuable Live Music Segment

Written by
cindy mcleod

TV Ontario’s great current affairs show Studio 2 has recently cut its “On Stage” segment, which once a week used to feature in studio performances and interviews with jazz, folk, blues and classical artists (non-commercial music generally). This segment was a rare opportunity for Ontario and touring jazz artists to have their music seen and heard on television and to be interviewed about their work. The decision to cut it was made by executive producer Doug Grant.

TV Ontario representatives claim the decision was largely done as a cost cutting measure. The form letter received in response to letters of protest tries to play down cost cutting, and says that among other things, the decision was motivated by focus groups and a desire to show more places in Ontario. They also make the point that they will continue to show “profiles” of artists, but of course, a profile does not usually include two complete performances. As well, On Stage was important because it featured emerging artists as well as established artists, and new artists are unlikely to be profiled.

Please ask everyone you know to contact TVO and apply pressure to reinstate this segment. A similar thing happened to the literary show Imprint, and the literary community raised a big fuss and brought it back.

Please pass on this contact information: Doug Grant (executive producer) doug_grant@tvo.org I encourage you to also CC askTVO@tvontario.org to the attention of Lisa Dewilde and Peter O’Brian, who is the new CEO there.

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