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November 21, 2005

Sony BMG Recalls CD Products

Written by
cindy mcleod

Sony BMG has recalled over 100,000 CD’s due to a software program that leaves behind spyware, making computers vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

The discs were sold across the nation, and contain a security device called XCP software, which is meant to prevent music piracy. The security program involved 37 CD titles, a list of which will be posted on Sony’s BMG website at www.sonybmg.com and click on the link for information about XCP software. Consumers can reference the list to see if they have purchased the affected product.

An exchange program has been implemented, whereby the consumer can have their disc replaced with an unaffected product. Retailers have been asked to remove all unsold CD’s with XCP software from their shelves.

The hidden XCP software, called a rootkit, first became public two weeks ago when a computer programmer noticed it and posted details on his blog.

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