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December 13, 2005

Bright Future For Canadians and Satellite Radio

Written by
cindy mcleod

A new report forecasts a rosy picture for satellite radio in Canada, predicting subscriptions will reach one million by late 2008.

With an estimated reach of 80,000 in the inaugural 2005 year, the sales growth trajectory in Canada is expected to be similar to cellphones, high-speed Internet and some other consumer technologies.

“When you give Canadians greater choice in entertainment content, history has shown they’ll adopt it,” said Jeff Leiper, an Ottawa-based analyst for Yankee Group.

The consultancy’s report is believed to be the first independent forecast on Canada’s blossoming satellite radio industry.

The two key players in the market, Sirius Canada Inc. and Canadian Satellite Radio Inc., moved quickly to have their service available in time for the lucrative Christmas shopping season, and are offering dozens of new stations to the Canadian market.

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