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December 28, 2005

Canadian Jazz 2005

Written by
cindy mcleod

2005 was a banner year for jazz in Canada. Below are listed the top 50 recordings released and promoted in 2005. There’s a cross between up and coming and established artists, with many being on tour in 2005. Canadian jazz is world class, and this impressive list is proof of the strength of the genre in our fair country.

1. Simon Fisk/Intent
2. Roberto Occhipinti/Yemaya
3. Andrew Glover/Forward Motion
4. Mike Murley & David Occhipinti/Duologue
5. Mike Murley Quintet/Extra Time
6. Mike Allen Trio/Fearless
7. Jane Bunnett/Radio Guantanamo: Guantanamo Blues Project – Vol. 1
8. PJ Perry/Time Flies
9. Ranee Lee & Oliver Jones/Just You, Just Me
10. Bobby Cairns/Indelible
11. Michael Buble/It�s Time
12. Cheryl Fisher/Joyride – Life in the Jazz Lane
13. Deanna Dubbin/With One More Look At You *
14. Brian Buchanan Plays the Music of Dennis Von Westerborg *
15. Mike Rud/Live From Lotusland
16. Marc Atkinson Trio/III
17. Susie Arioli/Learn to Smile Again
18. Vicky Oveson/Masacote/Eyes of an Angel
19. Bomba!/Entre Sol Y Luz *
20. Tim Postgate Hornband Featuring Howard Johnson
21. Hugh Fraser/Big Works
22. Jeri Brown/Firm Roots
23. Barbara Blair/September in the Rain*
24. Brad Turner Trio/Question the Answer
25. Michelle Gregoire/Reaching
26. Oliver Gannon Quartet/That’s What
25. Ryga/Rosnes Quartet/Deep Cover
26. Diana Krall/The Girl in the Other Room
27. Iconoclast Trio/Hinterland *
28. Dione Taylor/Open Your Eyes
29. Kate Hammett-Vaughn/Eclipse
El Fuego/Salsa?
Heather Bambrick/It’s About Time
Hugh Brown/Full Circle
Jeff Goodspeed & Jorge Chicoy with HavanaFax/HavanaFax Live
Jeremy Coates/Notes By Coates *
34. Dave Camwell/Flip Side of the Coin *
35. Sekoya/Sekoya
36. Miles Black/Rooms Within
40. Tyler Hornby/Shadows of a Brighter Day
41. Richard Whiteman/All or Nothing At All
42. Pat Collns/In the Moment
43. Al Henderson/Fathers and Sons
44. Mark Eisenman/Sweet and Lovely
45. Jim Galloway/Echoes of Swing
46. Barry Romberg/No Soap Radio
47. Phil Dwyer/Take One
48. Phil Dwyer, Alan Jones, Rodney Whitaker/Let Me Tell You About My Day
49. Brad Turner/What Is
50. Dave Young/Mainly Mingus

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