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February 2, 2006

The Jazz Envoy Returns at www.jazzelements.com

Written by
cindy mcleod

Hello everyone;

As the Jazz Envoy , I am best known as the writer and creator of jazzenvoy.com. I have overcome a small blip on the radar screen to return with my new name of jazzelements.com.

Jazz Envoy continues as jazzelements.com to bring you jazz and blues music, news, reviews, and interviews, with a special focus on Canadian jazz and blues.

The Jazz Envoy took a short intermission, but now continues to faithfully keep you informed about the music we love so much.

Remember to visit www.jazzelements.com regularly to see what the Jazz Envoy has to share!

Thank you all for your faithful support!


Cindy McLeod

The Jazz Envoy at www.jazzelements.com

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