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February 14, 2006

Canadian Jazz Guitarist Launches Midi Website

Written by
cindy mcleod

With the development of technology, more people are entering the digital world of creating music on computers than ever before. Professional and amateur musicians, along with arrangers and sound designers, are finding a creative outlet for their arranging and recording ideas with the use of midi files.

There are many sites that offer advice on the more technical aspects of using midi, but Calgary guitarist Keith Smith offers a unique musical-instrumental approach on his new website, www.SampleSmith.com.

Smith, a Calgary transplant originally from Toronto, is a first-rate guitarist with a long list of performance and recording credits built over a 40 year career span. The musician has dedicated recent years of his life to the midi phenomenon, and developing the concept for his distinctive new website.

Placing the emphasis on the instrument first and gear second, many of the articles found on the site are also useful for the sound designer to familiarize themselves with creating midi guitar tracks.

Smith offers a package that includes a sound font, the midi project files used to create the demos, and 2 tutorial pdf files describing most of the editing that went into producing the audio demos (appox. 30 pages for the strum demo, and 54 pages for the finger-picking demo).

You can download ZIP’s of audio demos, find information about the midi editing that went into the demos, and articles about guitar and midi that will be useful to sound designers, arrangers and guitar players.

For more information visit www.samplesmith.com

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