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March 18, 2006

Canadian Jazz Guitarist Michael Occhipinti

Written by
cindy mcleod

Canadian jazz concert

Michael Occhipiniti and the Sicilian Jazz Project

Canadian jazz guitarist/composer Michael Occhipinti and his Sicilian Jazz Project will perform at the Rex Jazz Bar stage in Toronto tonight.

Playing the folk music of Sicily with a unique modern jazz treatment, much of the group’s music is taken from field recordings done by American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax in the 1950’s, when he toured Sicily recording everything from tuna fisherman to sulphur miners and a donkey cart’s driver, all singing traditional songs.

Guitarist/composer Michael Occhipinti, has reconstructed and arranged the source material in new and inventive ways, and together with his brother, bassist Roberto, pays tribute to his family’s heritage. The concert features the Occhiphinti brothers along with Kevin Turcotte (trumpet), Ernie Tollar (saxophone,flute), Louis Simao (accordion), and Barry Romberg (bass).

Saturday March 18,2006
Michael Occipiniti and Sicilian Jazz Project
Rex Jazz Bar / Toronto

For more information visit www.michaelocchipinti.com

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