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September 20, 2006

CD Review Nuevo Tango Ensamble

Written by
cindy mcleod


Nuevo Tango Ensamble
A Night In Vienna
Indie / 2005

CD Review / Instrumental, Tango
Nuevo Tango Ensamble
Indie / 2005

In a graceful tribute to the music of Astor Piazzolla, the Nuevo Tango Ensemble’s A Night in Vienna features the trio live in concert as they perform their inventive interpretations of the Maestro’s tango compositions.

The dynamic concert was recorded in Wien at the Porgy & Bess Jazz Club in February 2005, the Nuevo Tango Ensamble audibly wowing the Austrian audience with their dramatic performance.

The trio, formed by Gainni Irorio (bandeoneon), Pasquale Stephano (piano), and Alessandro Terlizzi (bass), performs the music of Astor Piazzolla in a chamber setting, taking a traditional approach on some tracks and with featured solos by pianist Stephano and Irorio’s bandoneon expertly supported by Terlizzi’s bass. Each member a master musician, the individual performances are superseded only by the sum of the parts as they shape the lyrical turns and rhythmic excitement as they blend traditional tango with jazz and classical sensibilities.

The ensemble have succeeded in their aim to recreate the feel of the Argentine porteno and tango culture, all with the blessing of the great Maestro himself, whom they met in 1996. Piazzolla heartily approved of their interpretation of his non-traditional works, or as he called them “New Tangos”.

While tracks such as Decarisimo and Fugata are noted for their improvised quality as the artists develop the arrangements in their extended solo work as they pull the listener into deeper dimensions and insightful expression, others lie very close to Piazzolla’s vision, such as Adios Nonino and Invierno Porteno, the arrangements considered highly danceable by Argentine tango standards. The overall tone is a rich and seamless transition between the jazz and tango genres.

An inviting and warm performance awaits the listener with A Night in Vienna< , Nuevo Tango Ensamble giving the work of Piazzolla a sublimely eloquent and distinct voice, and fulfilling the great master’s wish to keep his music vibrant, alive, and evolving.

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