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November 4, 2006

Halifax’s Drumfest 2006 Takes Place Saturday

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cindy mcleod

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Halifax’s Drumfest 2006 To Honour Founder Mattieu Keijser

With over 100 performers and featuring nearly three hours of music, Drumfest 2006 is set to take place on Saturday, November 4, in Halifax. The festival showcases drummers from all genres in ensemble concerts, as well as in a series of one-hour workshops. All events will take place at St. Matthew’s United Church.

The fourth annual event enters its fourth season on the heels of a tragedy, when its founder, Matthieu Deijser died suddenly on October 14th at the age of 53. Drumfest 2006 will be dedicated to the man, who was known as an inspirational musician with an infectious enthusiasm.

Vibraphone and marimba player Arthur Lipner, who was a close friend of Keijser’s, will travel from his home in Connecticut to join Drumfest musicians Mark Adams (drums), David Staples (piano) and Larry Bjornson (bass) for a special performance on Saturday from 5 to 6 p.m., Samba Nova will lead the audience out into the streets after the 8 p.m. show for the annual parade, which has grown to include dancers, hip-hoppers, ensembles and soloists.

The Saturday afternoon series of one-hour workshops will run from noon to 5 p.m. and feature musicians; Mark Currie (bodhran), Chris Kennedy (djembe), Chris Cookson (samba), Ken Shorley (darabuka) and a drum circle led by Heather Pentz.

Performers taking part in the evening show include university percussion ensembles (Connecticut, Dalhousie, and l’Universite de Moncton); flamenco groups Maria Osende Flamenco Company & Las Ninas, and Glenn Fraser & Mas Cencerro; dancer Kym Butler, the Stepbruthaz hip-hop duo, soloists Danny Oore, Ken Shorley, Mark Currie, and Glenn Coolen, and the parade leader, Samba Nova.

Matthieu Deijser’s son Jonathan will produce various audio/video aspects of the performance, and will set up a video feed to the gymnasium in the church hall, which holds 700 people.

for more information visit www.sambanova.com

Saturday, November 4
Drumfest 2006
St. Mathew’s United Church / Halifax

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