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December 1, 2006

JAZZ.FM91 Concert Series Honours Jimmy Smith

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cindy mcleod

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‘Sound of Jazz’ Concert Series Pays Tribute to Jimmy Smith

JAZZ.FM91 ‘Sound of Jazz’ Concert Series offers another fine installment in its ongoing concert presentation series with ‘A Tribute to Jimmy Smith,’ showcasing acclaimed organist Denis Keldie and his quintet on Monday, Dec. 4 at 8:00 p.m at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto.

The Denis Keldie Quintet is formed by Denis Keldie (Hammond B3), with Kevin Clark (trumpet), Tony Quarrington (guitar), Christopher Plock (saxophones, vocals), and Howard Gaul (drums).

The tribute honours Hammond organ master Jimmy Smith. Born outside of Philadelphia in 1928, Smith was playing stride piano by the time he was 14. He joined the navy when he was 15, which later let him use the GI Bill to study bass and piano at Ornstein’s School of Music. His inate musical talent became obvious early, soon landing him an R&B piano gig with Don Gardner’s Sonotones. He found the piano confining and began experimenting with the Hammond organ – originally woodshedding on one he got from a loanshark who shipped it to the warehouse where he worked with his father as a plasterer – really finding his ‘voice’ on the organ in 1954 after years of dogged experimentation without benefit of a teacher. Jimmy emerged from that warehouse a new and different organist with an original approach which would prove to be the standard for Jazz organists who followed. The December 4th JAZZ.FM91 concert will feature the “Denis Keldie Quintet” with Canadian keyboard maestro Denis Keldie, himself featured on more than 200 CDs and albums, bringing his personal prowess to this tribute commemorating Jimmy Smith’s memorable approach to Jazz on the Hammond B3 organ.

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Monday, Dec. 4 8:00 p.m.
JAZZ.FM91 ‘Sound of Jazz’ Concert Series
‘A Tribute to Jimmy Smith’
Denis Keldie Quintet
Denis Keldie (Hammond B3), with Kevin Clark (trumpet), Tony Quarrington (guitar), Christopher Plock (saxophones, vocals), Howard Gaul (drums)
Old Mill Inn / Toronto

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