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January 2, 2007

Happy New Year From Your Jazz Writer in Mexico!

Written by
cindy mcleod

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Hello dear readers;

I am still in the lovely country of Mexico, where I’ve been blessed to perform several concerts with master bassist Roberto Aymes and his trio.

The band is outstanding, the venues spectacular, and the audiences some of the warmest I’ve yet to encounter.

Last week I took a few days to travel to the beautiful port city of Veracruz, where the music is reflective of the area, with a Caribbean influence and flavour, one can listen to the many street performers who play a terrific improvised form, one simply provides them with one’s name and they will make up a song on the spot.

The rhythms are distinct from the rest of the country, with a latin/Cuban mix dominating the sound. There are many Marimba bands, strolling Accordionistes, “arpa jarocha” (string groups that include harps) and the “orquesta de danzones,” who include dance classes in many of their inspired performances.

Jazz music is very much alive in this country, and their reception of Canadian jazz has been overwhelming, with our music featured on nearly two dozen radio programs, as well as the kindness of the print media, who interviewed me for the major newspaper La Jornada, and many television and video crews who have taped our performances.

It makes me enormously proud to hear such greats as Bob Stroup, Brian Buchanan, Kent Sangster, Bob Tildesley, John Taylor, John Hyde, John DeWaal, Miles Black, P.J. Perry, and Rick Kilburn among the players that appear on my recordings (and the many others I’ve shared with the radio announcers) being given so much airplay in beautiful Mexico City!

I will be reporting more over the next while, so please visit often for updates!

Yours in jazz,


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