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January 4, 2007

Calgary Bluesfest Announces Big Changes and Upcoming Concerts

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cindy mcleod

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Calgary’s Blues Festival Announces Big Changes

The blues community in Calgary is watching their annual festival grow by leaps and bounds. The producers of the event, the Calgary Blues Music Association (CBMA), is the premier live blues presenter in the city.

CBMA recently announced they have changed the name of the annual festival event to reflect their international stature. The summer event will now be known as the Calgary International Blues Festival, or Calgary Bluesfest.

Another announced change is the dates the festival will run this summer. Previously held in June, the Calgary Bluesfest will now run August 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2007, expanding by one day from the previous two years.

Entering its third season in 2007, among the many changes the group is planning is a venue switch. Due to the enormous growth the event has seen in audience base in their first two seasons, the venue change is needed to accommodate the quickly expanding attendance. The group will be announcing the new venue in the near future.

CBMA is presenting their first of their 2007 ongoing concert series this month, with the launch of the inaugural ‘Canadian Blues Divas Showcase’, the first of its kind in Canada. The concert will feature two of Canada’s leading ladies of the blues, Georgette Fry and Dawn Tyler Watson, backed by the legendary Amos Garrett and his band the Eh Team. The concerts are scheduled to run January 26 & 27th, 2007.

A highlight of the Diva weekend will be the ‘Singing the Blues’ competition, a contest for amateur singers to be judged by a panel of experts including the two stars of the Divas Showcase, and local vocalist/teacher Sara Hamilton. As the last stage of the competition, finalists will perform for the panel of judges and a live audience, backed by Amos Garrett and the Eh Team.

The first prize winner, to be announced immediately following the performances, will receive a mainstage appearance slot at the 2007 festival, as well as a cash prize. All finalists will also receive a master class to be held by the judges prior to the final performance, to be held the afternoon of January 27 from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m. Competitors can enter the contest online at www.calgarybluesfest.com

for more information visit www.calgarybluesfest.com

January 26, 27, 2007
Canadian Blues Divas Showcase
Starring Georgette Fry and Dawn Tyler Watson
with Amos Garrett and the Eh Team
Bowness Sportsplex / Calgary

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