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May 12, 2007

Edmonton International Jazz Festival Announces Lineup

Written by
cindy mcleod

Festival Offers Great Mix of International and Regional Players

The Edmonton International Jazz Festival has announced its headline roster for the 2007 Festival, slated to run June 22 – July 1st. The festival, which has changed its name from the Yardbird Jazz Festival of the last two years, stays in keeping with its tradition of highlighting the impressive talent of its own, with jazz artists from the Alberta city making up a significant portion of the world-class lineup.

The revitalized festival runs after a few years of hardship when it nearly stopped running in 2005 due to financial woes. A small group of musicians, business owners and the Edmonton Jazz Society (operating society of the Yardbird Suite) combined to produce and present a financially sound, high quality, artistically diverse jazz festival.

Founded in November 2005, the Edmonton Jazz Festival Society has now taken the reins and will present this year’s event.


Rollanda Lee & The Canadian Hot Stars Jazz Band
Don Clarke
New Jungle Orchestra
October Trio
Bill Richards
Don Berner
Rhonda Withnell Trio
Jim Brenan Quartet
Dan Davis Trio
Dave Babcock Quartet
Andrew Glover Quartet
Wayne Feschuk
Doug Organ
Jens Winther European Quintet
Sandy Foster Trio
Dino Dominelli Quintet
Bobby Cairns Trio
Dris Davis Quartet w/Tony Malaby
Fernanda Cunha Quartet
Chris Andrew
Bob Tildesley Quartet
Charlie Austin Trio
Madeleine Peyroux
Lester Quitzau
Marc Beaudin
Coco Zhao
Brian Sim
Diana Stabel Trio
Kirsten Vaughn Trio
Oliver Jones Trio
Kent Sangster Obsessions Octet
Kellylee Evans Quintet
Rob Thompson
Maureen Lefever Trio
Jim Head Quartet
Marianne Trudel Quintet
Instant Composers Pool (ICP)
Chocolate Buffet
Hecubus Trio
Shelley Jones Trio
Tom King Duo
Andrew Rathbun Quartet
George Garzone
Modo Trio
Glen Halls
Audrey Ochaoa Trio
Anna Beaumont Trio
George Koufogiannakis Trio
Edmonton Jazz Orchestra
Tommy Banks
Don Aubin
Jon Ballantyne
Owen Howard Quintet
Efa Etoroma Toque
Helen Magerowski Trio
Hutchinson Andrew Trio
Red Stripe

for more information visit www.edmontonjazz.com

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