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January 29, 2008

National Jazz Awards Nominees

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cindy mcleod

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National Jazz Awards Salute Stars of the Future

The 2007 National Jazz Awards will pay special tribute to the upcoming generation with a program featuring some of Canada’s brightest young stars on the scene today. While legends such as Oscar Peterson, Hilario Duran and Don Thompson might be front and centre as nominees, there’s an astonishing array of youthful talent being recognized.

The seventh annual event honouring outstanding Canadian achievements in jazz will be held at Palais Royale in Toronto on April 8th. The gala affair will be hosted by Kellylee Evans and Michael Kaeshammer, two of the nation’s most recognized young stars who will also perform later in the evening. Also slated to appear are The Mike Ruby Quartet, 13 year-old Nikki Yanofsky, Brandi Disterheft Quintet, Elizabeth Shepherd Trio, Laila Biali Trio, Alex Bellegarde, and October Trio.

Toronto saxophonist and composer Richard Underhill (Shuffle Demons) will act as musical director for the televised show.


Motion, David Virelles; Foundations, Jodi Proznick Quartet; Presenting, Night Crawlers; Joined At The Hip, Campbell Ryga/P.J. Perry; One Take, Don Thompson/Reg Schwager

DOMESTIC MUSICIAN: Don Thompson; Phil Dwyer; P.J. Perry; Hilario Duran; Reg Schwager; David Braid; Oscar Peterson.

INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN: Dave Holland; Brad Mehldau; Maria Schneider; Wynton Marsalis; Terence Blanchard.

LATIN JAZZ ARTIST: Hilario Duran; David Virelles; Luis Mario Ochoa; Jane Bunnett; Roberto Occhipinti; Amanda Martinez.

BIG BAND: Hilario Duran’s Latin Jazz Big Band; NOJO; Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra; Jim Galloway’s Wee Little Big Band; John MacLeod; Paul Read Orchestra; N.O.W. Orchestra; Jill Townsend Big Band; Barry Romberg’s RALE.

Chris Tarry; Barry Romberg Random Access; Rinse the Algorithm; Four 80 East; Nick Ali Electryc Trio.

ACOUSTIC BAND: Murley/Braid/Davidson Quartet; Davide Virelles Quartet; Jodi Proznick Quartet; David Braid/Matt Brubeck; David Occhipinti Quartet; Francois Bourassa trio; Kollage; Greg Clayton Trio; P.J. Perry/Campbell Ryga Quartet.

COMPOSER: David Braid; Don Thompson; Phil Dwyer; Hilario Duran; Phil Nimmons.

FEMALE VOCALIST: Emilie Claire Barlow; Dione Taylor; Kate Hammett-Vaughan; Diana Panton; Holly Cole.

MALE VOCALIST: Denzel Sinclaire; Joe Coughlin; George Evans; John Labelle; John Alcorn.

Terry Clarke; Ted Warren; Barry Romberg; Archie Alleyne; Dylan Van der Schyff.

GUITARIST: Reg Schwager; David Occhipinti; Ted Quinlan; Lorne Lofsky; Jake Langley.

TROMBONIST: William Carn; Hugh Fraser; Russ Little; Alistair Kay; Terry Promane.

SAXOPHONIST: Mike Murley; Kelly Jefferson; P.J. Perry; Quinsin Nachoff; Phil Dwyer.

Neil Swainson; Jodi Proznick; Brandi Disterheft; Mike Milligan; Dave Young.

KEYBOARDIST: David Braid; Robi Botos; Dave Restivo; Nancy Walker; David Virelles.

Kevin Turcotte; Guido Basso; Brad Turner; John MacLeod; Lina Allemano.

CLARINETIST: Quinsin Nachoff; Phil Nimmons; Francois Houle; James Danderfer; Ross Woolridge; Bob DeAngelis; Sasha Boychuk.

INSTRUMENTALIST: Brad Turner; Don Thompson; Ross Taggart; Reg Schwager; Phil Dwyer.

VIOLINIST: Hugh Marsh; Jesse Zubot; Lenny Solomon; Anne Lindsay; Drew Jurecka.


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