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April 15, 2008

Jazz Pianist Sheldon Zandboer Celebrates Book Release

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cindy mcleod

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Sheldon Zandboer
Book Release Party n’ Jam
Tao of Improvisation
Wednesday, April 16
Beat Niq, Calgary

Method Book Designed for Both Students and Professional Jazz Musicians

Calgary based musician Sheldon Zandboer officially launches his groundbreaking method book The Tao of Improvisation on Wednesday, April 16 from 7-11p.m. at Beat Niq.

Sheldon Zandboer, jazz pianist, composer and educator, has created a new training book for advanced jazz students and professional musicians of all disciplines that draws a parallel between the teachings and training methods of eastern martial arts and the study of improvised music.

Zandboer’s method works for all instruments (except drums), helping to train the musician to automate or internalize the fundamental elements of improvisation, thereby allowing the player to place their focus on the creative and inspirational side of the music and to play on instinct rather than relying on intellect. One works at one’s own pace with the book and a CD with rhythm section tracks to improve ‘real time’ ear training and improvisation skills. Zandboer points out the similarities in this philosophy of internalizing music improvisation fundamentals to those of the martial arts, where the martial artist trains to automate the fundamentals of their individual disciplines in order to allow the practitioner to act instinctively, naming one of the most recognized ‘improvisational’ artists as being Bruce Lee.

Over the past five years Zandboer has perfected the method through his own practice himself as well as shared the concept with three students, all of whom have gone on to study at the “New School” of Manhattan, Berklee College and Humber College. Sheldon has been a member of the Faculty of Jazz at Mt. Royal College since 1998.

for more info visit www.sheldonzandboer.com

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