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June 17, 2008

Improvisation Marks the Exploration Concert Series

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cindy mcleod

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Explorations Concert 6
Company Night
Tuesday, June 24 at 7pm
Stanley A Milner Library Theatre, Edmonton

Seven Free Improvisers Create One Inspired Concert

Edmonton pianist Glen Halls continues his Explorations Concert Series on Tuesday, June 24, with another installment of music created spontaneously by some of the city’s finest players.

Company Night will feature seven leading free improvisors, including Thom Golub (bass), Dave Hoyle (saxophones), Ron de Jong (drums, percussion), Brian Shultze (guitar, banjo), Bill Jamieson (saxophones), Glen Halls (piano, saxophone) and Garry Checora (drums, percussion, vibes).

The artists will perform in various groups formed by drawing names from a hat, with the size of the ensembles dictated by the roll of a die. Once formed, each ensemble will play for a length of time determined by another roll of the dice, or anywhere between two and 12 minutes. A large clock will be placed on centre stage to ensure the time limit is met.

First explored by British guitarist Derek Bailey, who is widely credited for the unique concept, the Edmonton evening will feature three sets of improvised creativity.

for more info visit www.freejazz.ca

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